How to Make Your Jeep Cherokee Look Cool

by MayankJ

A Jeep Cherokee is an off-road vehicle designed for rough terrain and outdoors. The basic designs vary by year, and some Jeeps will have a roof while others will not have. Regardless of the roofless or roofed style, the year or the exact design, it is possible to make some minor changes to the Jeep Cherokee for a cooler and more interesting appearance.

Fix any paint problems. While paint is not usually a problem for newer Jeeps, the older versions of the Cherokee might need some paint due to wear and tear. A new paint job in a modern and interesting color can make the vehicle look cooler.

Add new rims to the tires. The original rims of the Jeep Cherokee are a basic rim. While the rims suit the vehicle, they are not cool. Use the manual to determine the appropriate rim size and type, and then select new rims in a preferred style or appearance.

Add seat covers to the jeep. Seat covers are relatively inexpensive, but they can change the appearance of the Jeep Cherokee's interior. Cover designs range from cartoon characters to plain colors and everything in between. The key to selecting a good seat cover for the Jeep is paying attention to the colors. Avoid colors that clash with the jeep's paint.

Put a bumper cover on the jeep. Bumper covers can add a flare of style with a minimum of work. Bumper covers come in a few styles and designs. Pay attention to the specific Jeep Cherokee year and model to prevent buying a cover that does not fit.

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