How to Lube a Chevy Express Van

by Allen Moore

The Chevy Express full-size van consists of mostly sealed assemblies, removing the need for an old-school "lube job." This also transforms an "oil & lube" into mostly just an oil change. However, a few places should get lube to help the Express Van continue to run smoothly. The lubrication will cut down on the wear and tear of moving parts contacting one another, and prolong the lifespan of the Chevy Express. If you're capable of performing an oil change, you can also lube a Chevy Express Van.

Climb under the front end of the Chevy Express van with the white lithium grease.

Apply a thick layer of white lithium grease to the steering stops on the back side of the front wheel hubs which are located directly behind the front wheels. One steering stop is on the backside of each of the front hubs. You can pinpoint these stops by looking for the area on the hub that has no corrosion or dirt build-up; such things will rub off when the hub touches the lower control arm when you're making extremely tight turns.

Crawl under the center portion of the Chevy Express Van with the grease gun. Connect the grease fitting on the end of the grease gun hose to the Zerk fitting on the driveshaft, which runs between the transmission and the rear differential. Pump the grease gun three times and then remove the hose from the Zerk fitting.

Apply grease to the front and rear u-joints, located at each end of the driveshaft, using the grease gun in the same manner employed to lubricate the driveshaft.


  • check If the Chevy Express Van has an aftermarket pitman arm on the end of the steering gear, it may have a Zerk fitting as well. If so, lube the pitman arm with one pump of the grease gun.

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