How to Lower the Tire on a Chevy Uplander

by Katebo
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Vehicles are built to make use of as much space as possible, so many automakers have invented ways to save interior room by storing the spare tire underneath the vehicle. The Chevrolet Uplander was designed with the spare tire under the trunk area. Once you learn how to lower the spare tire, it's an easy task.

Step 1

Lift the rear door and locate the tool storage area, which is in the back on the passenger side. Lift up the storage area and find the spare tire tools.

Step 2

Remove the long, folded, bar-extension tool. You will notice that one end of the tool has a flat end. Unfold the bar-extension tool and slide the retainer sleeve on the tool to lock it in the open position.

Step 3

Examine the rear bumper area; you will notice a hole leading to the spare tire winch. Insert the flat end of the extension tool into the hole and into the winch. Turn the tool to the left to lower the spare tire. Once the spare tire is lowered, you can remove the tire from the cable plate by positioning it at an angle.

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