How to Remove a Spare Tire From a F250 Superduty Ford

by Gregory Crews
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Changing the tire on your Ford F-250 involves pulling the spare tire down from underneath the bed of the truck. The truck is equipped with special tools that will help you to pull the tire down. The tire secured by a cable pulley system that holds the tire close to the bed. When you wind the cable down, it will wind down very slowly, but it will eventually get the tire to a point where you can remove it from its access area.

Step 1

Park the truck on a flat surface. Open the hood to access the tire tools: They are bolted to the passenger side of the engine compartment. Unbolt with your hands. Pull out the tire change kit.

Step 2

Piece the long bars together. They will slide within one another to create a long tool.

Step 3

Push the tool into the hole under the license plate. Push in and turn until you feel it fall upon the tension nut.

Step 4

Turn the handle counter-clockwise with your hands until the spare tire hits the ground.

Step 5

Turn the handle another turn to put slack into the line. Turn the bracket sideways and push up through the center of the wheel.

Step 6

Wind the cable back up to the spare tire stowage area. Pull the tool out of the access area.

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