How to Lower a Convertible Top on a Mercedes

by Vanessa Padgalskas
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The technology and electronics on cars can be difficult to understand and figure out on your own. The Mercedes CLK has a retractable soft top and the Mercedes Roadsters, the SL, SLK and SLR, have retractable hard tops. Lowering the top of a Mercedes convertible is easy once you know the right buttons to push.

Step 1

Open the trunk and pull the luggage cover into the storage area of the trunk. This cover opens the space where the convertible top is stored. When you want to drive with the top open you cannot fill your trunk over the luggage cover.

Step 2

Get in the car and turn the car on. Locate the round button on the lower part of the center console near the passenger's seat. The button has a picture of the car and the roof coming off. Pull the button down towards the hand brake. Keep the button down until the roof is completely stored.

Step 3

Open the roof from outside the car by pointing the key at the driver's side door. Press and hold the "unlock" button until the roof is stored in the trunk. You can also close the roof this way by pressing and holding the "lock" button on the key.

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