How to Look Up a Car's Value in Canada

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Before you purchase another vehicle, or sell the one you have in Canada. You should look up you car's book value in Canada. In America, we have Kelley Blue Book to determine our values. But the Canadian Blue Book only offers values for off-road vehicles, boats and motorcycles. But what options do you have in Canada? Unlike in America, Canadian values are not regional. Meaning they don't vary considerable from city to city, state to state like in the U.S. VMR offers a depreciation calculator that determines a Canadian car value by looking at the type of car, year, and kilometers only.

Canadian Black Book The Canadian Black Book determines values according to the major dealer auctions across the country. They take into account kilometers, appearance, and mechanical condition. The Canadian Black Book is published bi-monthly.

Canadian Red Book The Canadian Red Book determines car values by studying sales in the Toronto region only.

The Sanford Evan's Gold Book This is the most comprehensive estimation you value Canada has, but it is only published once a year. It assesses values from British Columbia, Eastern Canada, and Western Canada.

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