How Long Do Volvos Last?

by Susan DeFeo
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The word Volvo is Latin for "I roll," and the luxury car company has been rolling along since 1927. While you may not see many Volvos on the road from that era, average life-span figures ranging from 18.7 to 20.7 years are still quite impressive.


U.S. cars from the 1950s to 1970s had an average life span of 100,000 miles, or eight years. Today, the median life expectancy of an American-made automobile is 12 years, or about 128,500 miles.


While figures vary, the average life span of a Volvo is second only to a Mercedes. At 19.7 years, the "brick," as a Volvo is sometimes referred to, is renowned for its safety and reliability.

Expert Insight

Consumer Reports expert John Ibbotson says today's cars should reach 200,000 miles and that poor maintenance is to blame for the low numbers. Volvo owners, however, are known for routinely maintaining and servicing their autos.


The Volvo High Mileage Club, open to those with 150,000 miles or more on their Volvos, has six cars with more than 1 million miles and one car with more than 2.6 million miles registered.

Fun Facts

Sweden is home to the Volvo Museum, which chronicles everything Volvo from 1927 until today. Volvo parts from the 1930s and 1940s are still relatively easy to purchase.

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