The Location of the Block Heater in a Mitsubishi Lancer

by Blaze Johnson

In 1973, the Mitsubishi Motor Company introduced the mid-size Lancer. The American version of the Lancer came in the form of the Plymouth Arrow, beginning in 1975. Subsequent generations feature high-performance options such as turbo-charging, sport suspension and all-wheel drive. Certain vehicles may have an engine block heater installed as a dealer or factory option. Using your engine's block heater will allow for easier starting during extremely cold temperatures. Finding and connecting your vehicle's block heater power plug is an easy task that takes a couple minutes to complete.

Step 1

Shut off the Lancer's engine and engage the parking brake.

Step 2

Raise the Lancer's hood and prop it open.

Step 3

Examine the front driver's side of the engine compartment, between the headlight assembly and the main fuse box. The engine block heater connection plug resembles that of an outdoor electrical extension cord, with a protective cap attached to the end.

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