Cat 3176 Diesel Engine Specs

by Jeremy CatoUpdated July 17, 2023
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Caterpillar, or Cat, is a company that manufactures heavy-duty, industrial equipment for a variety of purposes. The Cat 3176C is a marine diesel engine used in aquatic industrial applications, such as marine salvage, dredging and transport. The 3176C has a number of noteworthy features and specifications.

General Specifications

The Cat 3176C is a large diesel engine. It is 60.8 inches (1.5 meters) long, 38 inches (0.96 meters) wide and 39.5 inches (1 meter) tall. It weighs 2,590 pounds (1174 kilograms). It has a straight-six cylinder alignment and a four-stroke cycle. The engine has a 4.92-inch (125 mm) bore, a 5.5-inch (140 mm) stroke, a compression ratio of 16.1 and a displacement of 629 cubic inches. The engine also has a 12 gallon (45 liter) cooling system and a 7.5 gallon (28 liter) lube oil system.

Engine Features

The engine also has the following features: electronic governor; air inlet system (aftercooler; air cleaner/fume disposal system), cooling system (thermostat, jacket water pump; sea water pump, integral heat changer/expansion pack); exhaust system (water-cooled, 6-inch round; flanged outlet, manifold, turbocharger), SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) No. 1 counterclockwise-turning flywheel, fuel system (fuel filter, fuel transfer pump, fuel priming pump and flexible fuel lines); lube system (crankcase breather, oil cooler, oil filter, oil pan, oil filler, oil pump, dipstick); front support mounting system; and SAE A tooth spline hydraulic pump drive.

Performance Specifications

The Cat 3176C engine produces 448 bkW (brake kilowatts) of energy and 600 bhp (brake horsepower) or 608 mhp (metric horsepower) at 2,300 rpm (revolution per minute). It also produces 1,370 ft. lb. (foot-pounds) or 1,858 N-m (Newton-meters) of torque at 2,300 rpm. The fuel consumption rate is 32 gallon/hour.

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