1996 Seadoo HX Specifications

by Shea Laverty

Bombardier Recreational Products, an off-shoot of Canadian conglomerate Bombardier, is responsible for the production of all of Bombardier's recreational vehicles. The Sea-Doo line of personal watercraft has become one of the leading personal watercraft (PWC) lines in the industry, and join's Kawasaki's Jet Ski and Yamaha's WaveRunner as being virtually synonymous with PWC. The 1996 Sea-Doo HX is an example of this line, highlighting many of the technologies that have helped Sea-Doo become such a strong force in the PWC industry.


The 1996 Bombardier Sea-Doo HX is equipped with Bombardier's Rotax 717 engine. This 718 cc inline two-cylinder engine is equipped with open circuit cooling, which allows direct flow from the jet propulsion unit to cool the engine. This engine is equipped with two Mikuni BN-38I diaphragm-type carburetors and a rotary-valve induction system. This engine uses a variable rate oil injection system, and a gear-driven oil injection pump. The cylinder bore in this engine measures 82 mm, and has a 68 mm stroke. The Compression ratio on this engine is 6.2 to one.

Propulsion System

The 1996 Sea-Doo HX uses a Bombardier Formula Pump jet propulsion system. This system utilizes an axial flow single stage jet pump. This propulsion system was offered with a direct drive transmission, or a split FR and RR transmission. The transmission uses a driving claw coupling with a rubber cushion. The impeller is driven in a counterclockwise direction, and measures 139.5 mm in diameter. This jet pump is capable of producing 46.8 horsepower.


The hull of the 1996 Sea-Doo HX is made of a composite material, while the inlet gate is made from aluminum. The impeller housing is made of plastic. The air intake silencer is made of thermoplastic, while the exhaust muffler is made from aluminum. The flame arrester is made out of multi-layer wire screen. Both the fuel tank and oil injection reservoir are made of polyethylene.

Dimensions & Capacities

The 1996 Sea-Doo HX is 107.5 inches long, 33.5 inches wide, and 38.2 inches high. It has a dry weight of 390 lb, and can hold a maximum load of 250 lb, including the driver and 22 lb of luggage. The safe maximum number of riders at any time is one, the driver. The fuel tank can hold seven gallons of regular, unleaded gasoline.

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