Specifications for Perkins 4.236 Engines

by Tim McQuade
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The Perkins 4.236 is a heavy-duty, four-liter engine. Information about the engine can be drawn from the name itself. The "4" in the engine title refers to the number of cylinders, and the lack of a "V" describes a straight four layout. The "236" in the engine name refers to the total piston displacement of the engine in cubic-inches.


The 4.236 is a four-stroke, diesel engine. The total piston displacement of the engine is 235.8 cubic inches. The bore by stroke of the pistons is 3.875 by 5 inches while the compression ratio is 16 to 1. The engine is naturally aspirated and uses a direct injection fuel combustion system. The engine rotation is counterclockwise when viewed from the back end of the engine. The governor uses a mechanical system and the engine uses a heat exchanging, liquid-cooling design. The fuel pump is a rotary distributor design. The 4.236 uses a 12-volt starter motor and a 65-amp alternator.

Dimensions and Layout

The engine weights 1,100 lbs. The piston firing is in the following order: one, three, four and two. The installation angle uses a maximum static angle of 17 degrees and provides a further 3-degree rise.

Optional Equipment

The engine can be equipped with a set of four anti-vibration engine mounts. Also available is a transmission line and oil cooler as well as a hand-operated oil pump. A water injected exhaust elbow that is compatible with a 3-inch exhaust hose as well as multiple front PTO pulley system is optional. A shaft coupling device as well as an engine instrument display is available. The instrument panel can display oil pressure, voltmeter, tachometer, low oil warning light and temperature warning light.

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