Komatsu Dozer Specifications

by Carly Reynolds

Komatsu(R) Crawling Dozers are more commonly referred to as bulldozers. These machines are manufactured by Komatsu and designed to push dirt and rocks from the front end of the machine.

Horse Power

There are 29 different crawling dozer models currently available. The exact specifications vary based on which model is purchased. The different models of dozers have anywhere from 43.4 to 1,150 flywheel horsepower.


The different models of dozers range in size and weight, with the smallest featuring an operating weight of 3,710 kg and the largest featuring an operating weight of 152,600 kg.

Specialty Dozers

The large dozers produced by Komatsu feature a set of claws (ripper) that extends from the back of the dozer. These claws are capable of crushing large rocks. The swamp dozers offered feature a special undercarriage designed to help the machine navigate swampy areas.

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