Kia Spectra Dash Lamp Problems

by Daniel Valladares

The Kia Spectra contains many lights on the instrument cluster known as dash lamps. These lights not only help illuminate the Spectra's instrument cluster in darker conditions, but also serve as warning lights whenever your Spectra needs maintenance.

Dash Lamp Problems

The two most common problems that afflict dash lamps on your Kia Spectra, or any automobile, are bulb and fuse issues. Over time, the dash bulbs on your Spectra may burn out. The easiest solution to both of these problems is to simply replace the faulty component.


To replace the dash lamp fuse, you simply need to remove the cover from the underhood fuse panel next to the battery and install a replacement 10A fuse in slot 17. You should use fuse pullers, found underneath the fuse panel cover, to remove and install the fuses.


To replace the dash bulbs on your Spectra, you will need to uninstall the two screws on the dash panel above the instrument cluster and pull it off. Then you will need to remove the four screws securing the cluster in place and pull it out to access the bulbs. The bulbs are on the rear side of the cluster, and you can simply pull them off and replace them with 194LL-type bulbs.


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