How to Junk a Car

by Donna Thacker

Getting rid of an old broken down car can be as simple as donating it to a charity that accepts old vehicles, or you can junk it yourself and make some pocket money. Keep in mind that different salvage yards have different rules, so you'll need to know what they are to get the best deal. Where you plan on disposing of it makes a difference in how you prepare it to be junked.

Call your area salvage yards and ask how the car needs to be prepared. Some yards will accept the vehicle in its entirety and you just drive it across a scale to be weighed. You will be paid so much per lb. of weight. This is the easiest disposal of a junk vehicle, but it needs to run to get it there. It also pays the least.

Dismantle the car, if it doesn't run. If you have access to a torch, cut the car up and load it onto a trailer. You will usually get more money from a salvage yard if you prepare the car this way as employees don't have to do any of the work to dismantle it.

Separate all of the various parts of the car before you take it to the salvage yard. Remove the tires and all of the belts and hoses from the engine. Discard the tires somewhere else, as the salvage yard will not accept old tires. Empty all of the fluids in the car, disposing of them properly.

Load the vehicle onto a trailer, then throw in any other iron or metal parts you have taken off. You can jack it up to remove the tires once it is on the trailer for easy loading. If you have totally dismantled the junk car stack the pieces in the trailer in same type metal piles.

Take the title and or registration of the vehicle with you to prove ownership. Some salvage yards ask that you surrender the title to them as well. Check the requirements in your area. Some areas or salvage yards may have different rules for purchasing a scrap metal car.

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