Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Installation

by Jared Curtis
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If your Jeep Wrangler did not come from the factory with a hardtop, you can purchase and install one yourself. The hardtop provides warmth and dryness during the cold months of the year. Hardtops are fastened to the jeep useing two clamps at the windshield and three bolts on each side that attach it to the Jeep body. It is wise to have a helper to lift the hard top onto the Jeep to avoid damage.

Step 1

Open the two front doors and lower the sun visors.

Step 2

Lift the hard top onto the Jeep with a helper. Slide the hardtop into position.

Step 3

Place the metal brace into the windshield and clamp the hard top to the windshield with your hand.

Step 4

Place the bolts through the hardtop and the Jeep body. There are three bolts on each side of the hard top.

Step 5

Install the nuts onto the bolts and tighten them using a screwdriver and a star-head tip. Continue until each bolt is secured.

Press the windshield wiper power connector into the connector located on the hardtop. This connection is located on the driver's side.

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