Jeep Cherokee Transmission Removal

by Katebo
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The Jeep Cherokee, manufactured by Chrysler, is geared toward serious off-road drivers. Removing the transmission from your Jeep Cherokee is a job that will require more than one person because the transmission is heavy. You can complete the job in about an hour, though, with the proper tools.

Step 1

Place the wheel chocks (bricks or pieces of wood will work as well) to secure the tires from rolling before you begin.

Step 2

Use the socket wrench to remove the drive shaft. Some models have a slip yoke or are locked, so check your model. Have the collection pan in place when the liquid drains out.

Step 3

Locate the bolts and the shifting linkage and remove the bolts. Unhook the shifting linkage and move it out of your way. Stabilize the transmission jack under the transmission and have an assistant hold it. Loosen the bolts around the transmission, and don't forget the two that are difficult to reach on top.

Step 4

Disengage the transmission by slightly pulling it from the engine. Because of the weight of the transmission, make sure that you and the assistant have stabilized it. Slowly begin to slide the transmission out by lowering the jack.

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