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How to Remove a Transmission From a Jeep

by Jeana Kemberling

Transmissions are a work of automotive genius. The transmission takes power from the engine and then multiplies this power through a series of gears to make the car go. When you have a four wheel drive vehicle, like a jeep, the transmission works with a transfer case that splits the power in half to work both the front and rear axles. You need to have some experience with cars in order to be able to remove the transmission from a Jeep. This is a project that will take some time to do, so allow yourself at least two days in order to fully complete it.

Removing the Starter and Transmission Fill Tube

Pull your car into the garage and lift the hood. Disconnect the negative battery cable (black cable). You can do this by loosening the nut that holds the clamp tight, and pulling the cable free from the battery.

Lift the vehicle with the floor jack and support the jeep with jack stands. When the car is completely secured you can remove the jack.

Remove the screws that are holding the upper transmission fill tube bracket. You can then take off the fill tube.

Remove the torque housing converter cover. The cover is held on by bolts so you need to find the right ratchet and socket to fit the bolts. Remove the bolts and lift off the cover.

Label all the wires that are connected to the starter. Use a small piece of duct tape and the permanent marker. Once the wires are labeled remove them from the starter. Remove the bolts that hold the starter to the engine block. Take the starter out of the jeep.

Remove the Driveshaft

Take you white chalk and mark the position of the driveshaft at the transfer case and front and rear axle pinion yokes. The reason that you have to mark the driveshaft is that it has to be reinstalled the same way so that there are no vibrations when you're driving.

Disconnect the U-bolts that are holding the U-joints to the front and rear axle pinion yokes.

Slide the rear driveshaft underneath the rear axle to remove it from the transfer case. Then remove it from the vehicle.

Remove the front driveshaft by sliding it forward underneath the front axle to remove it from the transfer case, and then remove it from the jeep.

Removing the Throttle and the Shifter Connections

Remove all the screws and nuts that secure the center console to the body hub. Once the the bolts and screws are removed you can remove the center console from the vehicle.

Remove the the cables that connect the shifter to the transmission. When you have removed the shifter cables you can remove the shifter assembly.

Put a waste pan underneath the transmission and remove the plug so you can drain the transmission fluid. Keep the pan underneath the drain plug until you're sure that it's completely drained.

Find the correct size ratchet and socket and remove the bolt that connects the throttle rod to the carburetor. Turn the throttle rod until it comes loose from the throttle valve lever. When the throttle rod is loose you can remove the throttle rod from the vehicle.

Take off the spring that is attached to the throttle valve lever.

Take the electrical connector off of the neutral safety switch. Then unscrew the electrical connector from the transmission.

The Final Steps of Removing the Transmission

Take your chalk and mark the position of the torque converter and engine flexplate. The reason for marking this is because you have to put the torque converter back in the exact same position.

Remove the flexplate and the torque converter bolts. Remove theses bolts and then you can take off the flexplate.

Put a transmission jack under the transmission and make sure that the jack is secure. Secure the transmission on to the transmission jack with a length of chain and bolt it to the jack.

Get the proper ratchet and socket and remove the bolts that attach the transmission crossmember to the transmission. Remove the crossmember.

Disconnect the transmission cooler lines from the transmission. You need to plug the ends of the lines with old rags to keep from getting dirt or water in the lines.

Get a ratchet and socket that fits on the bolts that connect the transmission to the engine. Remove these bolts.

Remove the transmission and transfer case as one whole piece. Slide the transmission straight back until it comes out of the flexplate and crankshaft. Now you can lower the the transmission jack and remove the transmission from underneath the car.


  • If there are any rusted bolts spray them down with WD-40 the night before you start working on your jeep.

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