How to Remove the Transmission From a Jeep Cherokee AW4

by Derek Odom
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Removing the automatic transmission from a Jeep Cherokee is a real chore and not something that should be attempted alone. Transmissions are extremely heavy and can really cause some damage if they fall. As long as you don't try to rush or take unnecessary risks, the process is fairly straightforward. It is recommended to wear heavy work gloves to protect your hands.

Step 1

Chock the Jeep's tires and set the parking brake. Remember, putting the vehicle in “Park” only works when there is a transmission in it. With nothing holding the wheels in place, it will be necessary to have the vehicle safely chocked. Bricks, pieces of wood and actual wheel chocks all work well.

Step 2

Remove the drive shaft. Technically, only one end of the drive shaft needs to be removed, but it is recommended to remove it completely to avoid any problems when the transmission comes out. If your model has a slip-yoke (the drive shaft slides into the transmission as opposed to being locked in), be aware that some or all of the fluid will likely come out with the drive shaft, so having a drain pan handy is a great idea.

Step 3

Undo the transmission bolts and the shifting linkage. The shifting linkage can be found on the driver's side of the transmission, near the top. Simply unhook it and move it out of the way for removal. Put a transmission jack under the transmission to stabilize it and have your partner steady it with their hands. Then loosen all the bolts around the transmission and be sure you remember the two hard-to-reach ones at the top. Keep the bolts in a pan or other container so they do not get lost.

Step 4

Remove the transmission. Pulling slightly back on the transmission will disengage it from the engine. Make sure that you and your partner have the transmission balanced well on the jack at this point because, if it starts to fall, it will be very hard to stop. Slowly lower the jack until the transmission can be slid out from under the Cherokee.

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