Instructions on Setting Values on a Vance & Hines Fuelpak

by Gus Stephens

The Vance & Hines Fuelpak is a computerized fuel management system for Harley Davidson motorcycles with aftermarket custom exhaust systems. Installed as a plug-in accessory, the Fuelpak allows the user to customize air-fuel ratios created by the factory engine control module (ECM), which manages engine parameters including ignition, mixture, throttle position and emission controls. Improved performance and fuel efficiency may result when the stock ECM is matched to the custom exhaust system by the custom parameters entered into the Fuelpak. The procedure for entering and storing values in the Fuelpak is straightforward and relies on the manufacturer's information supplied for specific exhaust systems.

Step 1

Consult the Fuelpak setting chart included with the Fuelpak to determine your setting reference number. The setting reference number references the make, model and year of your Harley Davidson, plus the specific custom exhaust equipment you have installed.

Step 2

Go to the setting values section in the second half of the setting chart and locate your setting reference number, followed by the values to be entered for each of the 18 programming modes of the Fuelpak.

Step 3

Remove the four screws that secure the clear cover to the Fuelpak control module. The two LED digits on the left represent the programming mode number. This number is advanced by pressing the single button to the left of the LEDs. The two LED digits on the right represent the programming value. This number is incremented up or down by pressing one of the two buttons to the right of the LED.

Step 4

Turn on the ignition switch and the handlebar run switch. Do not start the engine. Verify that the LEDs on the Fuelpak are illuminated.

Step 5

Consult the correct line in the setting values section for the programming values for each mode. Beginning with Mode 1, press the programming value buttons to the right of the LED to enter the correct programming value. When the value is entered, press the mode select button to the left of the LED to advance to Mode 2. If a negative value is required, use the lower programming value button to decrement past zero into the negative range. Continue until the values for all 18 programming modes have been entered.

Step 6

Advance to Mode 19 to calibrate the Fuelpak to the throttle position sensor. Twist the throttle all the way open, then bring it back to fully closed.

Step 7

Turn the igntion switch off. Install the clear cover on the Fuelpak module and secure it with the four screws.

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