Instructions for Fel-Pro Gaskets

by Allen Moore

Federal-Mogul, a large aftermarket auto parts manufacturer, owns the Fel-Pro brand, a leading name in automotive aftermarket gaskets and seals. Along with an extensive line of standard replacement gaskets and seals, Fel-Pro also offers sealing products for high performance and racing applications, with both NASCAR and the NHRA using Fel-Pro products. If you head to an auto-parts store to purchase a gasket, odds are you'll end up going home with a Fel-Pro. Since Fel-Pro offers a wide variety of sealing products for just about every year, make and model, you should consult the specific repair manual for your vehicle before attempting a gasket replacement.

Clean the sealing surface by first wiping it down with a rag soaked in brake cleaner. Use a gasket scraper to remove any stubborn leftovers from the old gaskets.

Hold the Fel-Pro gasket up and lightly coat each side with spray adhesive. Do not over apply the adhesive as excess adhesive can squeeze out when you tighten the sealing bolts and contaminate the fluid you're trying to seal inside the vehicle.

Lay the Fel-Pro gasket onto the sealing surface (carefully), making sure the fastener holes in the Fel-Pro gasket line up perfectly with the fastener holes in both sealing surfaces.

Install the portion of the vehicle you're sealing with the Fel-Pro gasket and tighten it with the fasteners in the method detailed in your vehicle's specific service manual. Recheck the seal after operating the vehicle the first time, to ensure the gasket is not leaking.

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