How to Install a Windshield on a Harley Softail

by Madison Velding-VanDam
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The standard Harley-Davidson Softail does not have a windshield, but installing one can decrease wind fatigue and keep projectiles off your face while riding. When choosing a windshield, be sure it is either the Harley standard windshield or one that will fit securely on your motorcycle's front head lamp. Correctly installing your windshield is crucial for driver safety because the windshield will alter the way your motorcycle rides. Be sure to test the newly installed windshield before any long journey.


Step 1

Cover the front fuel tank and headlamp with the dry clean cloths to prevent scratching the painted areas and chrome during installation.

Step 2

Remove the protective adhesive from the new windshield. Center the protective tape on the front panel trim piece and wrap it over the front panel trim piece. This will prevent your the front panel trim strip from scratching during installation.

Step 3

Attach the flat washers, bushings and mushroom screws to the front panel trim strip without tightening the screws completely. The exact order of washer and screw installation will depend upon which Softail windshield installation kit you purchase. Be sure to follow the exact instructions of your specific installation kit if you have them.

Step 4

Screw the front panel trim strip with attached screws and washers into the windshield glass.


Step 1

Attach the jaws of the bottom windshield assembly onto the docking bushings located on the front headlamp. Then hook the top windshield assembly jaws into the grooves of the upper docking bushings.

Step 2

Press the windshield firmly into place until it is seated on the docking bushings.

Step 3

Tighten the remaining loose screws and remove the protective adhesive from the front trim strip.

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