How to Install a Windshield in a C3 Corvette

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Your windshield protects you from debris, keeps the roof from caving in during a rollover and helps keep you from being thrown from the car during an accident. You should replace the windshield on your C3 Corvette if it has any long cracks or chips in it. If you have experience working on cars, and the aid of an assistant, you can do the job yourself. You can purchase almost all the tools and supplies from any auto parts retailer.

Step 1

Unscrew the rear view mirror and slide it out. Set aside.

Step 2

Lift up the wipers and pry them off the car with a large flathead screwdriver positioned between the large nut and the arm. Rock the screwdriver back and forth until the wipers come off. Set them aside.

Step 3

Seal off the vents on the dashboard with masking tape.

Step 4

Cut away the windshield's rubber gasket by inserting a knife into the rubber next to the windshield glass from inside the Corvette. Cut all the way around, then push the glass out with your hands or feet while a friend wearing gloves catches it from the outside.

Step 5

Wipe the edge of the windshield opening with a damp cloth. Wipe the sealant off of the replacement gasket. Put the gasket in a sunny place to make it more flexible.

Step 6

Fit the new gasket around the new windshield with the gasket's slit facing outside the vehicle. Run a bead of sealant along the bottom half channel on the gasket.

Step 7

Wipe petroleum jelly into the gasket's outer groove, applying a little extra to the top center and bottom center. Starting at the bottom center, put the heavy nylon cord around the outer groove. Leave about a foot length on each end hanging out the bottom center.

Step 8

Place the windshield into the windshield opening from outside the Corvette. Make sure the cord ends dangle inside the car.

Step 9

Pull one cord end slowly out and all the way around the frame. This will pull the rubber lip of the gasket into place. Ask your helper to press the gasket onto the outside edge of the vehicle.

Step 10

Reinstall the rear view mirror and wipers. Wait 48 hours before driving the vehicle.

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