Removing & Installing Rear Glass in a Chevy Pickup

by Russell Wood

The rear windows in some models of Chevrolet pickups come equipped with either a solid piece of back glass or a sliding rear window. If your truck is equipped with solid back glass and you want to install a sliding back window, you can do it by removing the original glass from the Chevrolet truck and installing a new one. This should take between one and two hours to do.

Step 1

Sit in the driver's seat and turn yourself around so that you're facing the back window. Locate the rubber trim on the inside of the window that keeps it in place.

Step 2

Position your assistant inside the bed so he is facing the back glass. Have him apply pressure on the glass with his hands and ready to catch it should the glass come free unexpectedly. Work the rubber trim on the inside of the cabin away from the window channel in the cab. Use the flat-head screwdriver until the glass pops out of the truck and into your assistant's hands.

Step 3

Install the nylon rope into the rubber channel around the replacement window, leaving approximately 1 foot of extra rope on each end. Set the rope inside of the window channel on the cab.

Step 4

Have your assistant apply positive pressure to the glass. Slowly pull the rope out of the glass rubber with your hands, which will work the rubber trim into the cab, locking it in place.

Step 5

Continue pulling the rope out of the rubber channel, working around the perimeter of the glass until it is completely in the window channel.

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