How to Change a Rear Window in a Dodge Dakota

by Deborah McDonald
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Having a damaged back windshield in your Doge Dakota isn't a problem you should ignore. It reduces your visibility, it makes your vehicle appear less aesthetically pleasing, and having visible damage to either windshield can earn you a hefty fine from the police. While repairing a damaged rear windshield is not a repair task you want to put off, installing the windshield incorrectly will make your Dodge Dakota dramatically less safe in the event of a collision. Due to the difficulty of this task, it is useful to seek professional help to install your new rear windshield.

Step 1

Pry away the trim from around your rear windshield. Most auto parts stores will have a trim tool designed to remove the trim specifically from the Dodge Dakota, but in the absence of this tool, a flat-head screwdriver will work. Slide the blade of your tool under the edge of the trim and force it up, making sure not to break the tabs underneath.

Step 2

Cut through the adhesive band holding the windshield. Cut around the edges using a razor knife.

Step 3

Slide a crowbar under one of the bottom corners of the windshield and pry it up. Work around the edges of the windshield with your crowbar until it is loose in its frame.

Step 4

Lift the windshield and pull it out of your Dodge Dakota. You will need the help of an assistant for this step as the windshield is both heavy and fragile.

Step 5

Clean the area around the frame and in the groove where the windshield sits with a clean, wet cloth. Once your've removed any dirt, oil, or debris, dry it with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 6

Lay down a coat of urethane primer in the groove where the windshield sits.

Step 7

Lay down a band of urethane adhesive over the primer. The adhesive must go on over the primer or it will not bond to the windshield.

Step 8

Install the new windshield into its frame. Make sure it lays flat and even in its frame and that you install it right side up. It's recommended that you use your assistant again for this step.

Step 9

Replace the trim.

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