How to Install RV Skid Wheels

by Thomas West

An RV (recreational vehicle) usually has a long rear overhang, which is the part of the vehicle that extends past the center line of the rear axle. In certain conditions the rear bumper and undercarriage may drag the ground, such as when negotiating a steep street or driveway. Skid wheels installed underneath the rear bumper allow the vehicle to roll over low curbs or bumps rather than drag across them, preventing damage to the RV. Several different types of skid wheels are available, but their use depends on the type of RV you have. All the parts needed to mount the skid wheels are usually included with the skid wheel kit.


Use a single hitch protector skid wheel if your RV has a hitch receiver at the rear. Hold the u-shaped mounting plate of the skid wheel up to the hitch receiver so that the holes line up with the draw bar mounting hole in the receiver. Insert a hitch pin into the holes and slip a cotter pin onto the end of the hitch pin to keep it from sliding out.


Use two skid bar mounted skid wheels if your RV has rear skid bars (Skid bars are welded to each rear frame rail). Loosen the holding nuts and lock nuts on the skid wheel with an adjustable wrench by turning them counter-clockwise. Slide the skid wheel over the skid bat at its lowest point to the ground. Tighten the holding nuts and then the lock nuts with an adjustable wrench in a clockwise direction. Repeat this procedure for the other skid wheel and skid bar.


Use two hitch bar mounted skid wheels if your vehicle has a hitch receiver. Hang 2 U-bolts over each side of the hitch receiver on the hitch bar. Hold a skid wheel assembly up to the bottom of the hitch bar so that the U-bolts protrude through the mounting holes in the skid wheel. Attach washers and lock nuts to the threaded ends of the U-bolts. Slide the entire assembly to the desired location on the hitch bar and tighten them with an adjustable wrench. Repeat this procedure for the other skid wheel on the other side of the hitch bar.


Use two frame mounted skid wheels if your RV has no skid bars or a hitch receiver. Hold the skid wheel assembly to the underside of the rearmost part of the vehicle’s frame rail. Mark the mounting hole locations on the frame with a felt tip pen. Set the skid wheel aside and drill holes into the frame on the marks with a ½” drill bit mounted to an electric drill.


Hold the skid wheel to the frame and place four bolts through the mounting holes into the frame. Secure the wheel by placing washers and locks nuts onto the threaded ends of the bolts and tighten them with an adjustable wrench in a clockwise direction. Repeat this procedure for the other skid wheel and frame rail.


  • check Frame mounted skid wheels should be mounted at the point where the vehicle will make contact with the ground first, but not so low as to drag needlessly.

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