How to Install & Remove a Firebird Windshield

by Deborah McDonald

Produced from 1967 to 2002, the Pontiac Firebird is one of the iconic cars found in American culture. However, even the youngest generation of Firebirds is beginning to show its age, and with this comes inevitable maintenance. Repairing cracked, discolored and otherwise damaged glass is one common maintenance task that needs to be done. Damaged glass reduces visibility, makes your Firebird look less aesthetically pleasing and can net you a hefty fine from the police. While this means that damaged glass needs to be fixed as soon as possible, improperly installed glass can fall out of your Firebird and reduces its safety during a crash; therefore this is not a repair task recommended for a novice do-it-yourself mechanic.

Remove the windshield wiper arms from your Firebird. Different years' Firebirds have different methods for this removal; consult your owner's manual for your specific year.

Pry away the trim from around your Firebird's windshield. Most auto part stores will sell you a tool specifically made to remove the trim from around your windshield. While that tool is recommended, a flathead screwdriver can be used in its stead if you are careful not to break the tabs underneath that hold the trim to the windshield.

Cut away the band of adhesive that holds the windshield in place. This band will go all the way around the edges of your windshield, and needs to be cut as evenly as possible with a razor knife.

Pry your windshield out of its frame using a crowbar. You will want to start at one of the bottom corners and work your way around the edges.

Remove the windshield. This is not a task that's recommended you try by yourself; as the windshield is both heavy and fragile, you should have an assistant help you set it aside.

Wipe down the area around the frame with a clean, wet cloth. You will want to remove any dirt, debris, or oil from around the frame and in the groove where the windshield will sit. Once done, dry the area thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth.

Lay down a coat urethane primer around the groove where the windshield sits. This step is vital as the adhesive will not hold in the windshield without it.

Lay down a new band of urethane adhesive over the primered area.

Pick up your new windshield -- with the help of your assistant -- and set it into place. It's vital that you align it properly so that the windshield sits flat and evenly in its groove.

Replace your windshield's trim and the windshield wiper arms.

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