How to Install Portable RV Toilets

by K.K. Lowell

There are two types of toilets for RVs, the permanently mounted flush toilet and the portable models, generically known as porta-potties. Using a portable model can be as simple as pulling it out of a storage area, but this isn't a method that provides any real privacy. A better method, if your RV has the room, is to install it in an area made especially for the purpose. The enclosed bathroom shown here is inside a full-size Dodge van and is 40" x 24".

Determine where your portable toilet will be installed in your RV. A space as small as 24" x 36" will work for average size adults, but longer is better.

Cut a piece of 3/4" exterior grade plywood for the floor. Make it the exact length and width of the exterior of your room. Attach it to the RV floor with 2-1/2" square drive screws. Attach a screw about every 6" around the outside perimeter of the plywood. Drive the screws with a square drive bit and an electric drill. It may be easier to use the 1/8" drill bit and pre-drill the holes for the screws.

Align 1" x 1" wood strips on the top edges of the back and ends of the new plywood floor. Install a shorter piece on the front, leaving the area where your door will be without a strip. Attach the strips to the plywood floor with 1-5/8" square drive screws and wood glue.

Construct the frame for your bathroom from 1" x 1" wood strips. Use 1-5/8" square drive screws and waterproof glue (such as Gorilla Glue) to assemble the framework. Use a carpenter's square to ensure that the wall framework is straight and true. Make the framework with two vertical pieces and three horizontal pieces first. Attach this to the wood strips you screwed to the plywood floor piece with 1-5/8" square drive screws and wood glue. Then install vertical 1" x 1" wood strips on the outside end, again using 1-5/8" square drive screws and wood glue. Then install another vertical 1" x 1" wood strip on the inside edge of this strip to make a corner.

Repeat and build the wall framework for the other end and for the front.

Attach the exterior wall paneling (or thin plywood) with 5/8" brads and glue.

Construct a door in the same manner and materials as the walls. Attach it to the framework with small hinges.

Finish the floor with vinyl tile or carpet.

Install the portable toilet by placing it in your new enclosed bathroom.


  • check If possible install your portable toilet near a window in your RV. This works well for ventilation.


  • close Be aware that the suggested glue is very messy and will ruin any clothing it gets on.

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