How to Install a Neon Car Battery

by Arthur Barnhouse

Properly maintained car batteries are manufactured to last approximately 3 to 7 years. Wear and tear begins to take its toll as the car battery enters this age range; electrolyte levels begin to drop, corrosion sets in and the inner plates of the battery start to warp. All of these lead to a battery that no longer holds a charge. If your Dodge Neon is equipped with such a battery, then you'll need to install a new one. You needn't worry, though, as the installation is a simple task, requiring basic tools and about 30 minutes of your time.

Turn off all of the switches on your Dodge Neon and open its hood. Locate the battery within the engine compartment. The battery is on the driver's side, near the front on most Neons. However, on later model Neons, the battery is further back, near the windshield.

Remove any plastic shields that are on the battery. Again, this will depend on the model year of your Neon. Older Neons won't have shields, while some newer models will have more plastic shielding. Most all Dodge Neons, however, will have a small, red plastic cover on the positive battery terminal. Remove this cover.

Use the correct sized socket and your ratchet to loosen the battery's negative terminal first. You do not have to completely remove the nut. Loosen it just enough so that you can pull the negative clamp off of the post. Tuck the cable out of your way after you've pulled the clamp off of the post.

Use the same socket to loosen the nut on the positive clamp. Tuck the cable out of your way after you've pulled the clamp off of the post.

Look behind the battery, at the base. Again, exact locations may vary depending on the specific year of your vehicle, but on most Neons, there is a clamp found at the bottom, backside of the battery. Loosen the bolt holding the clamp in place.

Put on your rubber gloves and lift the battery out of its compartment. Then clean the terminals on the battery cables using your post and terminal cleaning tool. If you don't have one, a small wire brush will do the job.

Place your new battery into the compartment, making sure it is positioned so that the positive post is nearest the positive cable.

Tighten the clamp at the back of the battery and connect the positive cable, tightening the clamp until it is secure. Then connect the negative cable, ensuring that it is tight as well.

Close the hood and start your Neon.

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