How to Install a Rear-View Monitor in Your Car

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A rear-view monitor shows you what your rear-view camera records. Together these devices are a tremendous help when you must back out from tight spaces or dim areas. Here's how to install a rear-view monitor.

Open the hood of your vehicle and disconnect the battery cables. Remove both the positive and negative cables before starting installation.

Decide where you want to mount the rear-view monitor in your car. Most monitors fit over the rearview mirror.

Install the rear-view monitor in the housing that came with it. Adjust the monitor so that you'll be able to see the screen while you are backing up. You may need to adjust the screws in the housing so the monitor will sit properly.

Mount the rear-view monitor (in its housing) above the rearview mirror. You can attach the monitor housing to the windshield with double-sided tape. If the unit didn't come with double-sided tape, buy some at an auto parts store.

Route the monitor cable to the A/V control module, which must be connected to the rear-view camera. See the installation instructions for these parts. You can use a coat hanger to route the monitor cable.

Connect the monitor cable to the "out" port of the A/V control module. Make sure the cable is connected securely or the video signal will not transfer properly.

Reconnect the battery, start the car and put the car in reverse. The rear-view monitor will come on if you've installed the monitor properly.


  • check You will need to install an A/V control module and a rear-view camera before installing the rear-view monitor.
  • check Always look behind you while backing up. The rear-view monitor can supplement, but cannot replace, your own eyes.


  • close Don't install any electrical devices in your car with the battery connected. Ignoring this rule could result in a serious electric shock.

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