How to Install a Jeep Soft Top

by Jen Hale

The Jeep Wrangler was first produced in 1941, with 74 different models made since that time. The Wrangler is a popular vehicle, whether the model is a Rubicon, Sahara or CJ-7. Although the Jeep models may be different, one thing remains the same: they all need some sort of top. The Jeep Wrangler soft top is a common option. Before installation of the soft top, make sure you have all the hardware that came included when you purchased the top.

Install and lock all parts of the top hardware frame. The top frame connects near the windshield and in a runner along the side of the Jeep. The frame hardware locks into place without the need for other tools.

Place the entire top section, without the windows, carefully over the Jeep. Place the plastic runner of the top into the retainer on the front of the windshield. Stretch the top so you can install the rear corners of the top.

Snap the soft top to the frame from the inside of the Jeep. Repeat the process at the rear of the Jeep, taking care to prevent ripping.

Zip the side windows onto the top, then place the plastic into the retainer. Similarly, install the rear window, zipping the window onto the top and then placing the tailgate retainer on the rear window itself.

Attach the front windows to the half doors by lining the three pins with the grommets in the door. Gently put pressure on the window until it is fully secured, and move to snap the corner fabric to the outside of the door. Use the plastic retainer to hold the window in place.

Snap the Jeep soft top to the hardware frame above the driver's and passengers' doors. This will keep the top sturdy. Walk around the Jeep and check all snaps, zippers and retainers.


  • check Installation is much easier on a warm day, as the material is more pliable.


  • close Do not use extreme force when pulling a zipper, as it can break. Slight lubrication may be helpful.
  • close Rips and tears can occur when pulling on the soft top too hard.

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