How to Install a Honda Car Emblem

by Allen Moore

If you have recently painted your Honda, or have simply lost an emblem through any other means, you are probably looking to put a new emblem on the car. While certain parts of automotive body work are best left to qualified auto body technicians, installing stickers and emblems is hardly something you need extensive training to perform. What you will need is some patience and a good eye for placing the emblem on straight and true.


Clean the area where you will be installing the emblem with a good, quality car wash, such as Meguiar’s or Mothers. Do not use dish soap when washing your car.


Pour a small amount of wax stripper onto a rag and remove the wax in the area you plan to stick the emblem. It is always best to read the directions on the particular wax stripper you plan to use before beginning this process.


Remove the adhesive backing from the new emblem and gently place it where you want it. Do not push the emblem down until you are certain it is in the exact position you desire.


Press the emblem towards the body where you mounted it and hold pressure on it for several seconds.


Wax the area around the emblem the following day to protect the surrounding finish.

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