How to Install a Grommet Trailer Light

by K.K. Lowell
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Major changes have taken place in trailer lighting during the past few years. Lights have been improved to increase brightness and to provide longer life. One of the most noticeable advancements has been the move to grommeted tail lights. These lights do not bolt to the trailer but instead fit in to a rubber grommet that is attached to the trailer by a lip that fits around the edges of a hole. This arrangement provides greater versatility in mounting locations and helps to protect the lamp from physical damage due to its flush mount.

Step 1

Use the template supplied in the light kit and mark the location for the mounting hole if your trailer is not already equipped to accept grommet mounted lamps. Before cutting, check behind the mounting area for adequate clearance for the cutting blade and the new lamp.

Step 2

Smooth the edges of the hole with emery cloth or a small file.

Step 3

Install the mounting grommet in the hole. Make sure the lip on the grommet is fully seated around the edges of the mounting hole.

Step 4

Splice the pigtail supplied in the lamp kit to the wires for the original lamp. You can use solderless butt connectors for this splice. Feed the pigtail out through the back of the grommet and plug it on to the connector on the lamp. Carefully align the male connector to the female terminal on the lamp and push firmly together.

Step 5

Push the lamp in to the grommet until fully seated. This is much easier if you first spray the grommet with WD-40.

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