How to Install a Ford Power Window Regulator

by Allen Moore

The power window regulator holds the window glass in place on your Ford vehicle. When you hit the window switch, it sends an electrical signal to the window motor. The window motor turns this electricity into mechanical energy that it uses to turn the gear on the window regulator which moves the regulator up or down. In the event the window regulator breaks, binds or seizes up, you will need to replace it. If you have basic auto repair skills, you can install a new power window regulator in your Ford in about an hour.

Pry the Ford's power window switch and switch bezel assembly out of the door panel with a trim tool. Pull the wiring connector out of the base of the power window switch.

Remove the hex head screws from the door panel with the trim tool. Depending on the year and model of your Ford, you may need to pry loose some trim covers to expose the screws. The screws may also require a Phillips head screwdriver to remove them, once again depending on your Ford's year and model.

Lift the Ford's door panel off the door.

Hoist the Ford's window glass to the top of the window frame and tape it there with packing tape.

Remove the retaining bolts from the window regulator at the window glass, door support and window motor with a socket set.

Pull out the Ford's old power window regulator and replace it with the new one. Bolt the new power window regulator to the door support, window glass and power window motor with the socket set.

Reinstall the Ford's door panel in reverse of how you removed it. Peel the packing tape off the Ford's window and door before using the power window.

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