How to Install Crossbars in a Chevy Equinox

by Aram Khayatpour

For many Chevy Equinox owners, a roof rack is one way to add versatility without putting a big dent in their finances. Roof racks make it possible to strap various items onto the roof of your SUV, especially large, bulky items such as kayaks or skis, enabling you to carry much more on those fun weekend adventures. When installing crossbars, be careful not to drill too deep into the roof. Drill only deep enough to pierce the outer metal; any more than that might cause you to drill into the headliner, destroying it.

Screw the crossbars into the mounting brackets that were included with the kit.

Place the mounting brackets into the mounting points on the sidetracks, and secure them in place by turning the knob on the side of the mounting brackets.

Place the entire crossbar assembly onto the roof of your Equinox.

Measure around the assembly to make sure it is evenly spaced from the back of the vehicle and the same distance from the left side as it is from the right. Position it accordingly; this will ensure that your roof rack is centered.

Locate the holes on the side rails. These are where the crossbars will mount to your roof, so use these holes as a guide and drill into the roof of the SUV.

Screw the crossbars into the roof with the screws supplied.

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