How to Install a Camera in Car & Stream to the Internet

by Sean Farmer

Installing a camera into a car can serve many different purposes, such as aiding in backing out of parking lots. Connecting the camera to a live video stream, however, can add a strong touch of security as well. This allows constant monitoring of the interior of the car, and can aid in theft prevention. Installing a video feed into a vehicle is a relatively simple process.

Place the converter under the passenger's front seat. Plug the converter into the cigarette outlet, running the cable along the side of the center console. Secure the converter with screws or Velcro to the floorboard.

Mount the camera in place with either screws through the stand of the webcam or Velcro to the bottom of the webcam stand.

Connect the webcam to the netbook (usually via a USB port). Run the webcam's cable in a place that will not be easily stepped on. It may be necessary to use USB extending cables depending on the distance the webcam is from the netbook.

Plug the netbook into the converter, and turn it on. Make sure it's connected to the Internet, and log on to a live streaming site such as Stickam to test the webcam. Leave the video stream open for a constant stream. Set the computer to not turn off when the lid is closed (this is typically done under the operating software's "preferences").

Secure the netbook under the passenger's seat with Velcro straps.


  • check To prevent damage to the wires, and preserve cosmetic appeal, run the wires under the upholstery similar to the installation of amplifier wires.


  • close Do not expose the netbook to extreme weather conditions (such as extreme heat or cold) for prolonged periods.
  • close Turn off or unplug the converter when the car is not running to prevent depleting the battery.

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