How to Install Auto Glass

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The glass in your automobile may break at some point. While it is a difficult job, you can replace it yourself with a little knowledge of the glass and adhesive. Make sure you know the basic steps before you try to install auto glass.

Contact a retail glass shop. Let them know the make and model of your car, as well as the placement of the window that is broken.

Buy the auto glass you need to install. Talk with the retailer about the adhesive necessary to do the job right. Select an adhesive that works well in the area where you live. It must hold your auto glass in place, even when challenged by a wreck or high winds.

Remove any gaskets on your auto glass. You must replace these in order to be sure there are no areas that could cause leakage.

Clean dirt and grime that has collected in the area around the auto glass. Be careful not to clean so diligently that you scrape the paint.

Seal the area around the glass with special sealer made for this purpose. Install the gasket directly on the sealer.

Follow up with the new auto glass. Set the glass in the groove of the gasket. Work around the glass, pulling the gasket up and over the glass as you go. Use a plastic screwdriver-like tool for this purpose.

Run a small bead of the adhesive around the edge, under the gasket to be sure the seal is complete. Allow to dry and clean any errant adhesive with a razor blade.


  • check Newer cars may not use gaskets; they use urethane adhesive to do the job on auto glass.

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