How to Install Flat 4 Trailer Wiring on a Wrangler

by John Cagney Nash

Installing a flat-connector, four-blade trailer wiring harness to a Jeep Wrangler makes towing both simple and practical. The flat-connector four-pin hitch wiring conveys electrical signals from the Wrangler's wiring to the trailer's wiring, and runs all the lighting functions necessary to use a trailer on the road. The use of a dedicated hitch wiring kit involves only push-on/pull-off connections, so no tools are required. This is a simple and straightforward project which should take no more than thirty minutes.

Obtain a dedicated hitch wiring kit for the Jeep Wrangler. They are available from most auto parts stores and Jeep dealerships.

Retract the plastic pins which hold the mudguard in position inside the driver's side rear wheel well. The plastic pins should retract with fingernail pressure only; if they have become seized slip a knife blade below their heads and flick them out. Remove the mudguard from the wheel well by allowing it to drop toward you.

Remove the terminal multi-block from the black plastic housing behind the rear light cluster. The terminal multi-block is a simple push-on/pull-off connector on the end of the wire to the light cluster. On some Wranglers there is factory-installed electrical insulation tape wrapped around the multi-block; this must be unwound before the multi-block can be pulled off.

Plug the hitch wiring kit into the back of the light cluster, then plug the terminal multi-block into the hitch wiring kit. Use new electrical insulation tape to cover the connections if any was removed earlier, then replace the mudguard and the plastic retaining pins.

Route the wire of the dedicated hitch wiring kit, properly called a pigtail, so the flat-connector four-pin hitch is in a location near your tow package. Secure the wire and the hitch in place with plastic zip ties.


  • check Hoppy manufactures a dedicated wiring kit, part number 32625, which is available from most auto parts stores.

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