How to Improve Gas Mileage When Towing

by Jennifer Brister

If you enjoy the great outdoors by owning a boat or other watersports machinery, you may be wondering if there's a way to improve your gas mileage while towing your toys. It's not impossible to go green while towing. There are a few strategic things you can do to improve your gas mileage while towing and do your part to save the planet.


Get rid of excess weight. Clean out your car or truck and get rid of anything that you do not need. You increase your gas mileage by simply reducing the weight of your vehicle.


Purchase an ultralight trailer with an aluminum frame. Again, lighter is better when it comes to gas mileage. Make sure the trailer is the appropriate towing capacity for your vehicle. If you purchase a trailer with more towing capacity than your vehicle allows, you are wasting money on the trailer and on the gas you will use to tow it.


Cover the item that you are towing with a tarp to improve aerodynamics. If you are towing a boat that is open at the top, a tarp will help you to reduce drag and improve gas mileage.


Stick to a moderate speed while towing. Sudden stops and starts will hurt your gas mileage; if you are driving at high speeds, you will expend more fuel every time you have to stop the vehicle.

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