How to Improve Your Body Shop Business

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If you want to run a successful body shop, there are some basics you need to keep in mind to better your business. As with any business, employee training is essential, but it is also important that you, as an owner, connect to the right resources that can push your body shop to success.

Get advanced training. With new equipment, law regulations and improved techniques always hitting the market, it is important to keep up to date in order to improve your business and guarantee client retention.

Look into value-added programs. These programs help business owners improve their body shops by providing facility planning, employee training and on-site consulting. Examples of specific programs include the DuPont's Assurance of Quality (AOQ) program and the The Maximum Velocity Performance (MVP) program, both of which are geared towards body shop owners looking to network, get expert answers and receive first-hand financial counsel.

Advertise your "green" connection. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends the use of CCAR-GreenLink to all body-shop businesses wishing to reduce their impact on the environment (see Resources below). By advertising your commitment to properly handle and dispose of chemicals, you will attract a large group of clients that are looking for a more positive experience.

Use the ABRN website to search for information related to your body shop business (see Resources below). The ABRN offers everything from automotive body repair news and industry matter to a search engine for autoparts, employee training, marketing tips and human resources guidance.

Subscribe to the BodyShop Business Magazine (see Resources below). Geared to professional body shop business owners, the publication focuses on collision repair but also covers all aspects of the business side of the industry. It also includes how-tos, market analysis and products and services recommendations.


  • check Body shops have become largely digitalized over the last few years. Consider adding computerized diagnostic machines to your shop for a more effective and impressive service.

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