How to Identify Snap-on Tool Boxes

by Tanya Gulliver
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Snap-on is an American company that has been producing quality tools since 1920. Originally dismissed by mainstream tool distributors, the company began using independent salespeople, a tradition that continued. The company also re-labeled Blue Point tools to supplement its line of available products. Given the popularity of Snap-on Tools, especially among mechanics, tools and tool boxes have become very collectible. The easiest way to track down the details of your Snap-on product is to use the Collecting Snap-on website, managed by Frank Murch.

Step 1

Look on the back of your tool box and record the markings. This first stylized number or symbol is the year of manufacture. The next is a "K-series" number, including "K," "KT," "KR," or "KRA." This identifies the specific type and size of box. The final series of numbers is the product number.

Step 2

Compare this to the date chart on the website Collecting Snap-on. Each model year after 1927 has its own special way of listing the year, using a stylized number or symbol.

Step 3

Access the relevant catalog on the website. Choose "Catalogs" then pick your year range from the drop-down menu and then the specific year.

Step 4

Browse the catalog to find your product. The model number should be listed starting with the "K." Most catalogs have a picture and description, including measurements.

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