How to Install Cabin Air Filter Kit in Ford F150

by Russell Wood
pickup truck image by Tonda from

In recent years, cabin air filters have been installed in many vehicles to help filter out the odors and smells that can be present in the ventilation systems of vehicles. In the case of a Ford F-150, most did not come with a cabin air filter installed, but Ford does sell an installation kit so that you can have a cabin air filter in your F-150. Installing a cabin air filter kit can be done in about 30 minutes.

Step 1

Open the passenger door. Locate the long, horizontal box that runs side to side in the cab and is about 1-inch thick. Put the template included with the cabin air filter kit onto the box and secure it in place using the tape.

Step 2

Mark the area to cut on the inside of the template using the paint marker, then remove the template. Cut the area using the utility knife, and then pull out the section from the panel.

Put the filter bracket included with the cabin air filter kit into the box and secure it in place using the Phillips-head screwdriver and the self-tapping screws. Insert the filter into the filter bracket.

Items you will need

  • Paint marker
  • Tape
  • Utility knife
  • Drill with Phillips-head tip
  • Ford cabin air filter kit

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