How to Replace the Fuel Pump in KIA Sephia

by Jack HathcoatUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • 3/8-inch socket set

  • Wrench set

  • Screwdriver set

  • Fuel line disconnect set

The Kia Sephia comes equipped with an in-tank fuel pump. The pump is electrically powered and is replaced as a complete module that includes the pump and fuel level indicator packaged together as one unit. To service the pump, keep safety in mind. Remove the fuel pump fuse and let the engine run until it stalls. This will purge fuel from the lines. Follow safety precautions and don't smoke or have an open flame around gasoline vapors.

Remove the gas cap and relieve pressure in the tank. Remove the fuel pump fuse and let the car run until it stalls.

Remove the negative battery cable to prevent any accidental sparks. Remove the two mounting bolts that hold the back seat in place, then remove the back seat

Disconnect the electrical connector that is located underneath the back seat. These are electrical wires going though a grommet that is on a metal cover that is bolted in place. Unplug the wires and loosen the grommet. Unbolt the cover and pull the wires through the opening. These are the fuel module wires.

Set the cover aside and loosen two fuel hoses that are attached to the fuel pump module. These are quick connect fuel connections and will require fuel line disconnect tools that are available at parts stores. Remove the six small bolts that hold the module into the fuel tank. Lift the fuel module out of the tank and set it aside.

Remove the old gasket on the tank. Install the new one that came with the new fuel pump module. Place the new module in place and install the six screws to hold it in place. Snug the screws firmly in place, but do not overtighten them and perhaps strip the threads. Snap the fuel lines into place and listen for a distinct click as they seat into place.

Route the fuel lines through the cover plate. Install the rubber grommet to protect the wires. Bolt the plate into place and plug the wires into their connector.

Reinstall the back seat and replace the two retaining bolts. Install the fuel pump fuse and start the car. Let it run for a few minutes and check underneath the tank for fuel leaks.

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