How to Replace a Fuel Filter for a Chrysler Sebring V6 3.0L

by Jeremy Holt
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The Chrysler Sebring is one of only a few mid-sized sedans with a soft-top option. First manufactured in 1995, the Sebring offers reliable motoring at a reasonable price. Parts are easy to come by, and many maintenance tasks are simple and straightforward. Chrysler recommends replacing the fuel filter every 60,000 miles. The job is a bit challenging, but it is one that you should be able to do yourself, saving you time and labor charges at the auto repair shop.

Step 1

Raise the hood and prop it open. Locate the power distribution center on the driver's side over the front wheel. Pull the fuel pump relay fuse (#28) out with your fingers. Turn the ignition and attempt to start the car; if it runs, allow it to stall. Turn off the ignition. Relieve pressure in the fuel tank by removing the gas cap. Remove the negative cable from the battery with an adjustable wrench.

Step 2

Open the trunk. Lift the left side of the floor mat. Locate the four-pin electrical connector of the fuel pump module and disconnect it from the harness. Locate the rubber body grommet near the base of the rear seat. Push the grommet out and pass the wiring through the hole in the body.

Step 3

Raise the rear of the car with a floor jack and lower the Sebring onto jack stands. Place a large fuel container under the fuel tank drain. Remove the plug and drain the fuel into the container. Replace the drain plug. Store the fuel away from sources of fire or sparks.

Step 4

Position a transmission jack under the fuel tank and raise the jack so it supports the fuel tank. Disconnect the fuel tank strap on the driver's side by removing the bolts; loosen the strap on the passenger's side. Lower the transmission jack and the fuel tank.

Step 5

Locate the fuel filter mounted to the rear frame above the fuel tank. Release the fuel filter hose connectors from the fuel filter; squeeze the tabs and pull the hoses off. Fuel may still be in the lines and filter, so collect any leftover fuel in a container and mop up any spills with a rag. Remove the fuel filter.

Step 6

Connect the new filter to the fuel lines and mount the filter to the frame. Replace the rubber body grommet and fuel pump module electrical connector into the body. Raise the fuel tank back into place with the transmission jack. Attach the straps to the tank and tighten the bolts.

Step 7

Reconnect the four-pin fuel pump module electrical connector to the harness in the trunk. Replace the mat in the trunk. Fill the fuel tank. Replace the fuel pump relay fuse under the hood. Reconnect the negative clamp to the battery terminal. Start the Sebring to test the system.

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