Where Is the Fuel Pump Fuse?

by Jack Hathcoat
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Locating and identifying fuses may not be as easy as it sounds. Most automotive manufacturers have standard fuse locations. The power distribution boxes and fuse panels are generally located under the hood and under the dashboard, which makes finding their locations fairly easy. Problems arise, though, when the manufacturers either number the fuses or label them with cryptic abbreviations.

Under the Hood

Raise the hood of your car and look near the battery for a black, plastic box. Unsnap the lid and raise the cover. On the inside of the lid there should be a schematic of the fuse orientation, and inside this box there should be an array of circuit breakers, fuses and relays arranged according to the schematic. One of the small, black relays is likely to control the fuel pump. Near the relay there is also typically a red, 10-amp fuse labeled "FUEL," "F/P" or "FUEL PUMP." If not, check under the dashboard.

Under the Dashboard

Use a flashlight to look under the dashboard. In most cases, there should be a lower cover to access the fuse panel. Remove the cover with a small screwdriver and pull the lid off of the fuse panel. On the inside of the lid there should be a label that identifies the fuse arrangement, similar to the label on the power center under the hood. Look for the same lettering that designates the fuel pump fuse. If the fuse is not there, look in the specialty fuse panels.

Specialty Fuse Panels

Raise the hood and look for another small, black electrical box with wires going into it. Remove the lid and check to see if the inside of the lid is labeled with fuse names. There are many import cars that separate critical fuses from the main panels in order to make the circuits easier to test. Another less likely spot is under the passenger's side of the dash; this is typical for some import cars.

Decoding the Fuse Labels

Read the owner's manual to determine which fuse operates the fuel pump. Ford uses numbers to identify its fuses and makes no reference to the circuit or its use on the fuse panel covers. In this case, it is impossible to decode the fuse panel without referencing the owner's manual.

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