How to Locate the Fuel Pump Relay for a 1992 Chevy 1500

by Kyle Sanstrom

The fuel pump relay on a 1992 Chevrolet 1500 is designed to regulate power to the fuel pump depending upon the position of the ignition key. This relay is controlled by the powertrain control module (PCM). When the ignition is in the "ON" or "START" positions, the PCM energizes the fuel pump relay in order to turn on the fuel pump. When this relay begins to fail, the fuel pump will operate intermittently or completely fail to operate, resulting in the engine stalling or the inability to start the engine. Replacement fuel pump relays are available from licensed Chevrolet dealerships and auto parts stores.

Step 1

Shift the truck's transmission into park or first gear (manual transmission) and shut down the engine. Engage the parking brake and open the hood.

Step 2

Locate the under-hood relay control center, positioned between the coolant reservoir and the engine. This relay control box is attached to the firewall and made from black plastic.

Step 3

Twist off the three plastic nuts holding the cover onto the relay control center and remove the cover.

Step 4

Read the diagram printed on the inside of the relay control box. This diagram shows the exact location of the fuel pump relay within the relay center.

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