How to Replace the Air Filter on Cars

by Contributing Writer; Updated June 12, 2017
<p>The Suzuki car is a cruiser-style motorcycle. The air filter on all of the Suzuki car are under the seat, at the rear of the seat. To access the air filter, you're going to need to remove the seat. The air filter is secured inside the air intake box by a metal rod and a wing nut. You will need to buy a new replacement air filter because the air filter that is inside the air intake box right now has sticky oil all over it that will keep you from cleaning it. </p>

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 How to Replace the Air Filter on a Suzuki Intruder

<p>Wrap one finger under the lip of the seat in front of the gas tank and locate the plastic release button. The button will be 2 inches long at the edge of the seat and running the width of the seat's edge.</p>

<p>Pull up on the seat and remove it from the frame. Look inside the air intake box and locate the wing nut in the middle of the air filter. Twist the wing nut in a counterclockwise motion and remove the nut from the metal rod.</p>

<p>Pull the air filter off the metal rod and out of the air intake box.</p>

<p>Slide the new air filter onto the metal rod. Twist the wing nut onto the metal rod in a clockwise motion to tighten the nut securing it to the metal rod.</p>

<p>Replace the seat to the Intruder frame and push down on it until you hear a click.</p>

Items you will need

  • New air filter

 How to Replace an Air Filter in a Lincoln Navigator

<p>Turn off the vehicle. Don't start the vehicle while changing the air filter because it protects against engine backfires.</p>

<p>Locate the air filter housing unit on the front driver's side of the engine compartment. Look for a black container that is round and is attached to a large tube leading to the engine.</p>

<p>Loosen the clamp that holds the air inlet tube to the air filter housing unit. Remove the hose from the unit. Loosen the clamp that holds the air filter cover to the housing unit. Move the cover from the housing.</p>

<p>Remove the old filter and discard it. Clean out any remaining debris in the Lincoln's air filter housing unit.</p>

<p>Replace the filter with a K&amp;N air filter part number E-0945, when you are working on a 1998 to 2004 Lincoln. Use a part number 33-2385 for a 2007 or 2008 Navigator.</p>

<p>Put the air filter cover back in place, using caution not to catch the air filter between the edges. Reattach the clamp. Reattach the air inlet tube and its clamp.</p>

 How to Replace the Air Filter in a Kia Sportage

<p>Turn the Kia Sportage off and allow the vehicle to cool for at least a half-hour before beginning any work under the hood.</p> <p>Locate the plastic air filter casing under the hood of the Sportage. The casing will be located on the top of the engine. The casing is a large black plastic case; if needed, refer to your owner’s manual for exact location and diagram.</p> <p>Use a flat-head screwdriver to pry open each clip around the perimeter of the case. The case will easily open once all clips are unhooked, revealing the current air filter.</p> <p>Pull out the current air filter of the casing and discard in a plastic bag; place it in the garbage.</p> <p>Remove the new air filter from the packaging and place in the filter casing. Close the casing by locking each clip back in place. Some of the clips may require some force to lock into place.</p> <p>Close the hood of your Sportage. Be sure to pull up on the hood to make sure it latched shut to avoid it flying up while you are driving.</p>

Items you will need

  • Owner’s manual

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • New air filter

 How to Replace the Air Filter on a 2006 Sebring

<p>Turn off the Sebring's engine. Open the car hood.</p>

<p>Locate the air filter housing compartment on the driver's side of the engine compartment.</p>

<p>Unsnap the four spring clips around the edges of the housing lid.</p>

<p>Lift the air filter housing lid off the filter housing.</p>

<p>Remove any debris from the housing interior. Wipe the housing clean with a damp cloth.</p>

<p>Place the new filter inside the air filter housing.</p>

<p>Replace the filter housing lid. Close the spring clips to hold the lid in place.</p>

Items you will need

  • New air filter

 How to Replace an air Filter in a Chevy Corvette

<p>Turn the car off and leave it off while you are working on the car. Don't turn the car on while working on the air filter as it serves as a barrier in the event of an engine backfire, serious injury could occur.</p>

<p>Find the air filter housing unit by looking at the corner of the engine compartment, nearest the passenger side windshield. Look for a black rectangular box.</p>

<p>Open the lid on the housing unit by pulling on the latches. Lift the lid up and away from the base.</p>

<p>Remove the first filter from the housing unit. Clean out any debris left in the box. Don't use water to clean out the unit or the engine may be damaged and not covered under warranty.</p>

<p>Replace the filter with a K&amp;N filter part number 33-2305 for Corvettes manufactured from 2005 to 2007.</p>

<p>Close the lid on the air filter housing. Reengage the clips to secure the lid in place.</p>

<p>Change the second air filter by following Steps 3 to 5.</p>

Items you will need

  • New air filters

 How to Change the Air Filter on a 2007 Buick Lacrosse

<p>Turn the engine off. Open the hood and approach the driver-side engine compartment. Locate the air-filter compartment. It's a large-black box, mounted horizontally.</p>

<p>Lift the compartment tabs upward to release them. Grasp the compartment and push it forward, toward the windshield. This will separate the filter cover from the compartment and expose the filter.</p>

<p>Remove the air filter from the compartment. Insert the replacement filter. Grasp the filter cover and pull it toward the filter housing. Line up the notches on the driver side to make sure the cover is properly attached. Close the clamps to finish.</p>

Items you will need

  • Replacement filter (GM part number 15221217)

 How to Change the Air Filter on a Mini Cooper

<p>Pull the hood release lever in front of the driver's seat, raise the hood and prop up the hood with its support arm.</p>

<p>Locate the air filter compartment, a long black plastic case just behind the engine. You can further identify it by the six Allen screws that hold it in place. There are three screws on each side.</p>

<p>Use an Allen wrench to loosen and remove all six of these screws. Lift the plastic cover off the compartment.</p>

<p>Remove the air filter which should slide right out. If you're not sure if it needs replacement, this is the time to look it over carefully and judge for yourself. If it looks like there's a little bit of life left in the old filter, you can always put it right back.</p>

<p>Put in the new filter, sliding it into place in the same position and facing the same direction as the old one.</p>

<p>Put the plastic cover back, then reinsert and tighten down all of the Allen screws.</p>

<p>Lower the hood support arm and close the hood.</p>

Items you will need

  • Replacement engine air filter for your model year Mini Cooper

  • Allen Wrench

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