How to Change the Air Filter in a Focus

by Marie Mulrooney

The vast majority of Ford Focus vehicles need their air filters changed at regular intervals. This is a part of regular maintenance for almost any motor vehicle. You may occasionally encounter a Ford Focus with what was intended to be a lifetime air filter. If you're not sure which your vehicle has, check the owner's manual or call your dealership for more information.

Step 1

Open and safely support the hood of your Ford Focus. Locate the air filter assembly, which is locate on the driver's side of the engine compartment between the battery and the fuse box. It looks like a big rectangular box with a thick hose leading out of it into the middle of the engine compartment.

Step 2

Remove the cover from the air filter assembly. It may be held in place by several screws or by clamps that you can pull off with your fingers. Don't try to remove the entire assembly from the engine compartment; just unfasten the cover and remove it.

Step 3

Take the old air filter out of the air filter assembly, being careful not to dislodge any dirt, dust or other particles that may have accumulated in it. If these filter into the air filter assembly they could damage your engine.

Step 4

Place the new, clean air filter in the air filter assembly, taking care to ensure that it's oriented the same way the old air filter was. Replace the cover on the air filter assembly and screw or clamp it back into place.

Step 5

Check to make sure the air filter assembly cover fits tightly in place, and that you haven't left any screws or clamps unfastened.

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