How to Replace Spark Plugs in a Chevy Cobalt

by Editorial TeamUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • 3/8-inch socket

  • Socket wrench with extender

  • Wire brush

  • New spark plugs

  • Anti-seize compound

How to Replace Spark Plugs in a Chevy Cobalt. The Chevrolet corporation suggests that the spark plugs on every Chevy Cobalt be checked and cleaned or replaced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Damaged or dirty spark plugs cause engines to work harder. Replacing old or damaged spark plugs also increases gas mileage in a Chevy Cobalt.

Turn off the Chevy Cobalt and pop the hood. Allow the engine at least 30 minutes to cool completely. Do not remove a spark plug from a warm engine.

Locate the spark plug wires on the engine. These are normally located across the front of the engine. Grab the first spark plug's wire boot. This is the larger piece at the end of the spark plug. Twist the boot 1/2 turn in both directions to loosen the boot and then remove the spark plug wire.

Attach the socket to the extender and the extender to the socket wrench. Place the socket over the spark plug. Turn it one to three times in a counter-clockwise movement to loosen the spark plug. Remove the socket and continue to twist the plug by hand to remove the spark plug from the engine.

Clean the spark plug wire boot with the wire brush. Lightly scrub the inside of the boot to remove any corrosion or debris.

Rub a thin layer of anti-seize compound onto the threads of the new spark plug.

Slide the new or cleaned spark plug into its spot on the engine. Turn the spark plug clockwise into the slot. Use the socket to turn the spark plug 1/4 turn clockwise to secure it. Place the boot on the spark plug and turn it 1/2 turn in each direction until you feel or hear a click.

Repeat the above steps for all of the spark plugs. Do not attempt to remove all of the wires from the spark plugs at the same time. If the spark plug wires are placed on the wrong spark plug, the engine becomes sluggish and it may cause permanent damage to the engine cylinders.

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