How to Improve Gas Mileage on Ford F-150

by Editorial TeamUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Tire gauge

  • Air filter

With the steep prices we are paying at the pump, it would be great to own a gas miser import car, but what if you already own a gas-guzzling American truck like the Ford F-150? Make the best of it by employing some of these tips to save as much as you can on your fuel economy.

Buy a high-performance air filter which will help increase horsepower and acceleration. The K&N filter has a 1 million mile warranty and you will never have to buy another air filter. You can take it out and clean it very simply (every 50,000 miles, or more often for better air movement).

Accelerate smoothly and anticipate red lights and take your foot off the gas ahead of time. Turn engine off when in lines at drive-thru or the bank to avoid idling the engine unnecessarily.

Try purchasing a higher-octane fuel. You may make up for the cost difference at the pump by better performance and add a little to your mpg.

Make sure tires are inflated properly to specifications, and have your alignment checked. Check the front tires especially for wear and this will immediately tell you there is an aligment problem. If so it is likely that you will need new tires and a realignment at the same time. This will definitely improve your gas mileage.

Also try installing an Air Charger/Air Intake kit.


Do regularly scheduled maintenance on your Ford F150 including oil change and air filter change Maintain proper tire pressure and alignment Drive moderately and avoid sudden accelerations Keep windows closed and use a Tonneau cover to decrease wind resistance

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