How to Identify What CDK Keihin Carb I Have

by Kevin Bramer

Keihin CDK carburetors are designed for use in racing motorboats and motorcycles, and brands such as Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki and Yamaha all have used this particular carburetor. The Keihin CDK carburetors have been discontinued, but the company still offers replacement parts and repair kits. Determining which particular carburetor you have is easily done, as you can either check yours against images from their website or ask a distributor about your serial number for an exact identification.

Identifying by Appearance

Go to the website for Keihin Fuel Systems, Inc: keihin-us.com.

Click on the "Products" menu to see images of all their available carburetors.

Click on "CDKII Carburetors" to see the full range of that particular type of carburetor. Compare your carburetor to the images in this section to determine the exact type of your carburetor.

Identify by Serial Number

Remove your carburetor and place it on a flat surface. Look at the regulator chamber, where you'll be able to see the Keihin trademark logo, to ensure that you're dealing with the correct brand.

Find the serial number near the bottom of the CDK carburetor. Write the number down.

Call one of the distributors listed on the keihin-us.com website and give them your serial number. Distributors keep track of serial numbers and will be able to identify your particular carburetor.

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